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SEO-WordPress Website Design Tips


Having a good site design is critical in search engine optimization for it to rank highly in Google. One wants a site that is specifically designed to attract more traffic to it in addition to being loved by search engines. One could decide between two website designs to choose from when designing a SEO website. The two options are HTML and WordPress sites. This article shall however be biased in discussing WordPress blog despite Google treats the two options the same.


When designing a WordPress website, it is important that an all in one search engine optimization plug in is installed. The plug shall automatically optimize the wordpress website in search engines. The plug in optimizes your titles automatically and even goes to an extend of generating META tags. Other advantages of designing this plug in includes that it will help you avoid any duplication of content which is mostly found in WordPress blogs. This makes WordPress websites to be specifically perfect for new babies because they are easy to navigate through it. Know about Newcastle SEO here!


On designing the website be sure to install the Google XML site plug in map. What this plug in does is to create a site map for your website. This ensures that your blog is properly indexed by Google. When one stats a blog, it is always deeply buried making it very hard to be noticed. However, on designing a website that has Google map as plug in, it is easier for search engine bots to retrieve your website quickly as long as it is indexed. One is assured that whenever new content is created in your website, all the major search engines are informed . Another major advantage of this plug in is that it comes free and you do not have to pay for it. Get more info here!


The other important thing to remember is that make our WordPress design as simple as possible. It is good that one should avoid including a flash home page on their website because this may make Google not to even index it. Flash instructions are always found to be annoying to customers and visitors as they look unprofessional.

WordPress website allows one to add content to one's site any time and without any inconveniences. The administration side of this website is also easy to operate as it offers what you see is what you get format. The navigation buttons can be easily navigated through.

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